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The Old Feet From Hell

September 11, 2018
Elephant Foot

I like to pamper my feet. After all, they work very hard to get me from place to place. Do you ever look at your toes, especially in the summer and think, “OMG! What the hell happened to my feet?” If so, I hope this helps.

Soaking your feet.
Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

Soaking Those Feet

I am so strange. I spent a long time shopping for different foot spas and once I saw that none of them really had great reviews I switched to searching for just a plastic pan that would fit my feet.

I thought I could put it in the bathtub and soak my feet there. Then it occurred to me, DuH! I could just put water in the tub and soak them. Which then saved me money so I could buy sweet smelling oils to put in with the Epson Salts.

Ah ha! While looking up the Epson Salts and other goodies I ran across this foot bucket, in case you don’t want to fill the tub and would like to sit in a comfy chair while you soak those toes.


Sandy feet.
Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Scrub & Exfoliate

It would be nice to be able to exfoliate with beach sand but sometimes finding the time to sit on one is difficult. If your options are limited you might want to try a foot scrub or pumice stone. I actually prefer the foot scrubs.

I like St. Ives products because they are inexpensive and they work. I read an article that said for that crusty buildup you sometimes get around your ankles that it is best to use something with citrus so I got the Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub for that and then the Apricot Scrub for the bottoms of my feet. It says for acne control but I don’t care because once again, it works!


Feet in Water
Betssssy on Flickr


Now you have the pleasure of giving yourself a nice foot rub with your favorite moisturizer to put that soft touch back to your feet. Doesn’t it feel great? My all-time favorite is this Nivea body lotion. I use it all the time and it is great for not just feet but all over.

Of course, it is not as nice as having a professional pedicure but I only budget for two a month and I need to have my feet rubbed every day! Even if I have to do it myself.

Now, Take Your Feet to the Beach

They are all ready to show off and what nicer place to go than the beach!