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July 4, 2018
American Sparkler
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I am a hard-core liberal Democrat American. I used to not worry too much about defining myself that way. I was not overly political and mainly liberal by nature and personality. I voted but did not spend a lot of time involved in the process.

The last couple of years of being an American has made me an angry, appalled, bitter and incredulous liberal Democrat. I guess the upside to that is to say that it has made me more involved!

I wanted to write something from the heart for today, July the 4th, but it is hard to write something uplifting with a semi-broken heart. However, maybe if I write a list of the things I truly believe in it will resonate somewhere.

Beliefs From an American Heart

I believe that there are plenty of good-hearted people in America, you just mostly never hear about them. I have a firm commitment to the freedom of the press and the need for journalists with integrity, but too much of what we hear and see as “news” is far from that and completely unbalanced.

As Don Henley said in his song Dirty Laundry, “I make my living off the evening news, just give me something-something I can use. People love it when you lose, they love dirty laundry.” The news loves to glorify dirty laundry.

In these days of news via social media it is necessary to question EVERYTHING! It is so easy to share something that is total BS without even thinking about it. I have done the same myself and now try to check before I share.

Here is an example of the brighter side:

I believe that racism exists in this country, as a matter of fact, it seems to be rampant. However, there is always the flip side, where you least expect it:

I believe in the power of education and traveling outside of your own country. Living in Guatemala for 6 months was an eye and heart-opening experience for me. Exposure to other cultures and people makes you a bigger and better person. You won’t like everything you see or experience but it definitely gives you a broader viewpoint.

I believe in education. (I know I just said that, but it deserves its own category!) We need to educate people on life skills as well as the basics. We need to prepare them for a changing world and what that means in terms of employment, living and social changes. We need to teach them to THINK!

These kids broke my heart and gave me so much hope

I believe in the power of kindness, compassion and fierce opposition!

I believe that having a myriad of viewpoints and belief systems can be a very healthy thing. Intelligent discourse is good! I used to enjoy having political discussions with my more conservative friends and I respected their beliefs, but those times have been shattered by the current political arena.

Or maybe not as shattered as I may think:

I believe that Americans can become the cutting edge of new technology, that we could once again become that leading edge of thought and action that we have been in the past.

Physics Will Win Out

I believe that nothing is as certain as change and while we are in a time that I find particularly filled with hate, cruelty and bigotry, I have faith that it will not always be this way. Newton’s Third Law will ring true: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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