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Lifton Home Elevator: Too Cool for School!

May 18, 2018
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101 Mobility, a one-stop shop for mobility and accessibility solutions, selling, installing, and servicing top-quality equipment from the nation’s leading manufacturers, announces the installation of the first Lifton Home Elevator in New Jersey.

See a time-lapse video installation of a 101 Mobility Home Elevator here:

This unique, modern alternative to stair lifts and old-fashioned residential elevators recently had its first New Jersey installation in Hopatcong, New Jersey.

While available in other states, the Lifton Home Elevator has only just been approved in New Jersey, due to New Jersey’s particularly rigid requirements for the installation of home elevators.

Different than the old-fashioned residential elevator, which is bigger, difficult to install, and requires a substantial amount of space (which most homeowners don’t have), and the stair lift which many see as unattractive and “un-cool,” the Lifton is the perfect solution for two widely divergent demographics: 1) today’s senior citizens, sometimes referred to as the “Rock and Roll Generation,” and 2) a much younger, hip and trendy generation, always on the lookout for the latest thing.

What these two generations have in common is their love of style.

The active, vibrant seniors who grew up in the Rock and Roll era, now in their 70s – 80s, like to think of themselves as the first really cool generation of seniors – discerning about fashion, music, food, and entertainment – and passionately pro-active about aging in place. This means they are good at finding solutions to protect their lifestyles – even before they need them.

According to Dave Muti, president of 101 Mobility, “Most of our clientele are senior citizens. The home staircase can become Mt. Everest. I’ve seen people literally go up and down on their hands and knees. Couple this with the determination of this generation of seniors to stay in their own homes, the Lifton is a perfect solution. It’s different than anything else on the market. It’s modern and cool. Owners are the envy of the bridge club. The grandkids love it. And it makes homes more marketable.”

The Lifton Home Elevator is a game changer:

It’s for the Rock and Roll Generation of seniors who don’t want products associated with getting old, like stairlifts
It is relatively easy to install usually one or two days. Traditional elevators are difficult to install and can take a week or longer.
Its design is sleek, modern, and reflective of the way the Rock and Roll Generation perceive themselves
It gives owners peace of mind that they can freely go from one floor to another without fear of falling or any other hesitations
It adds value to a house, making it more saleable and opening it up to a senior market
As an added benefit, the Lifton is a perfect dumbwaiter and can reduce injuries caused by carrying heavy items up and down stairs – like suitcases and vacuum cleaners.

The Lifton is the perfect solution for the Rock and Roll Generation as well as anybody who loves high quality, contemporary products combined with functional craftsmanship. And while the reason for installation may not be fun – the Lifton Home Elevator is undeniably cool – which is exactly how today’s seniors see themselves.

About 101 Mobility
101 Mobility North New Jersey is your one-stop-shop for all things that provide mobility and accessibility. From stair lifts, wheelchair ramps to platform lifts and beyond, our goal at 101 Mobility is to assist residents with their specific mobility and physical needs through quality products and exceptional service. In short, we help people, safely and effortlessly, get up and down stairs, and in and out of their homes and businesses.

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