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Limping Along as the Amazon Queen

January 4, 2018
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I am an Amazon Queen. Please note that I did not say that I am THE Amazon Queen because I have a feeling that title belongs to a lot of us out there on the front lines of online buying, my niece for one!

According to nChannel, “The desire for instant access and fast turnaround, 24/7, will be the norm by 2026, driven in particular by millennials (born approximately 1980–95) and also by Generation Z consumers (born approximately 1996–2010)…..On average, Millennials now make 54% of purchases online versus 49% of non-Millennials.”

This is not surprising to me since I do ninety percent or more of my shopping online. Hence my title of Amazon Queen! I even order my groceries online, again through an Amazon service called Prime Now. I do that even though I have discovered that both Prime Now and Google Express raise the prices they charge for items ordered online versus what is available in the physical stores, (which is Sprouts through Prime Now and Costco through Google Express). They also do not offer a full selection of what you can get in the stores.

What they do offer though is convenience and strangely enough a better way for me to budget my grocery bills. I am an impulse buyer when I shop in the stores, but online I have a budget and I stick to it.

As someone who was responsible for shopping for our building’s supplies and special events, I used to spend a lot of time walking around both Costco and Smart & Final. Also lifting and loading heavy cans and bags of coffee, sugar, creamer, etc. In the spring of last year that changed and someone else is now doing the heavy lifting.

Which brings me finally to my point. I used to get a lot of exercise shopping! Now I have one of those fit walker kind of watches and I am embarrassed to look at how few steps I take daily. I have to make myself schedule times to walk around and get my stupid steps! Sigh…..balance in life is difficult!

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