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Beach Retreat And Advance

September 13, 2016
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The last couple of days I spent at my favorite beach retreat. The weather here has been beautiful, sunny, mild and clear. I wanted so much to go down to the surf and let my toes crawl through the sand and have the waves smack against my legs like I used to when I was a kid. I wanted to sit on the beach and maybe lay back and look at the sky while I listened to the soothing music of the waves.

The problem is several years ago I had knee surgery and ever since then I’ve had a hard time getting up and down off the floor or anywhere else for that matter and I was afraid. Afraid that if I sat down on the beach on a towel like everyone else that I wouldn’t be able to get back up. I would have to sit there and call out to people passing me by, “Please sir, can you help me up?”, “Hello, ma’am, just a little of your time to hike me to my feet.” Or my usual joke, “Could someone call AAA? I need a tow!”

Normally I would have shrugged and gone on about my business, but for some reason, this time it really upset me, and I thought there’s got to be a way around this. So I went to GTS it (Google that sh**t!) and put in, “how do I get up off the floor?” Now I love my GTS because I have discovered pretty much anything I thought I was all alone in feeling or thinking, someone else has already GTS’d it! It gives me a feeling of belonging to the Universe!

Lo and behold, there were quite a number of posts to read about this subject. I never realized that getting up and down off the floor is actually a measure of not only our health and fitness, but also one of our potential longevity. The most wonderful thing about the human body is how adaptable it is and even at the age of 60 plus, you can still train your body and build your muscles with motivation, information and some good old-fashioned willpower.

I came across this site that has some wonderful posts about rehabbing those over or underworked muscles and enough of a range of exercises on this particular post that I was able to find quite a few that I could start with. Take a look at it here:

Paige Waehner’s site here: was not something I could do with my knees right now, but I liked what she had to say about the reasons for us to keep getting up and down off the floor. I also liked the concise steps that she gives to do just that.

I really like James Hunter’s video of getting up and down without using your knees. I am only in the building up stage of this one, but I am looking forward to using the whole routine soon.

According to many of the things I read, when we don’t use a function of our body, we actually start to lose the memory of how to do what we want to do with it. So in addition to making our bodies stronger, we also need to remind them how to get on and off the floor so we can play with the grandkids, puppies and our toes!

old-woman-sitting-on-the-beachAs my mother used to say “there is more than one way to skin a cat” (Really Mom? Yuck!) What more could I ask for than to be at the beach, my favorite place in the world and find out that there are still places to explore and limitations to exceed at whatever age. All part of living with indulgent aging!

So, total warning and disclaimer here: Do not try to go from A to Z in one fell swoop like I did this morning and think that you can gracefully raise yourself from the floor after doing one set of exercises. Learn from my mistake. I spent 30 minutes cussing a blue streak at myself as I attempted to use the above information to get up off the floor (easy to get down, not so much on the upswing!). Take my word for it, you need to get your muscles stronger BEFORE you try this. You need to make sure your doctor is in on this if you have medical problems that would hinder you, and you need a phone, pillows and hopefully a friend standing by to pull your ass off the floor if you don’t quite make it the first time! But DON’T GIVE UP!

By the way, I did take advantage of my time on the floor to play with my bemused kitty and do some stretching exercises. That was the good part!


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